A creative video production agency, using our in-house expertise to help clients captivate and influence their audiences.
Our Approach

When you think of good video work, it's easy to think of beautiful cinematography, exciting music and flashy animation. Our background in documentary and fiction film has taught us that, underneath all that, a great video is measured on the impact it has on its audience. It's a much bigger challenge and it's why we love what we do. We know that when you commission a video aiming to sell more products, teach complicated material or get your team excited, our job is to help you influence people. To motivate change.

This belief informs our approach. We'll work closely with you to make sure that every step in the process is informed by an understanding of your unique audience and your goals. So whether it’s your first time commissioning a video, or you’ve worked with other agencies before, we'd love to discuss what you're looking to achieve and how we can help.



In order to create something truly effective, it’s important that we begin by getting to know you, the audience you're targeting and what you're looking to achieve. You might have some creative ideas already, or you might just have a business problem that you’d like our help in solving. Either way, we'll ask lots of questions to make sure we get started on the right track.




Once we’re confident we have enough information, it’s time to play with some ideas. If you already have scripts and ideas, we can help to refine them based on our experience. If you don’t have an idea, don’t worry - some of our most exciting and creative ideas come about when we have nothing but a business problem. We can recommend a style and approach and provide a timeline and quote at this stage to ensure you’re comfortable with the project. Of course, we will always balance effectiveness with price when preparing our proposal.




Once you’re happy with the concept, costs and timeline, we’ll complete any scripts, interview questions and storyboards required, making sure any requested changes are incorporated and signed off. Then, as necessary, we will begin finding the perfect actors, costumes, props, locations, studios, any additional crew and anything else that’s needed to bring your project to life. Because we own our own equipment, and employ a dedicated in-house team, we are able to keep the cost down compared to many other agencies. If needed, we have great relationships with rental houses and a trusted network of suppliers who we can bring onboard for more ambitious projects.




Our production team loves bringing content to life, whether we're shooting a simple piece to camera in your office, an ambitious studio shoot or animating characters and graphics. We'll make sure your shoot runs smoothly and efficiently by agreeing any logistics with you beforehand, and we may ask for you to attend the shoot to ensure we get every detail right. And, if your project requires an international shoot, our team is ready to travel with our equipment and have extensive experience working in the US and Europe.




Our post-production team will edit together the final video, working closely with our animators to produce any titles and graphics and perform visual effects work as required. We will also source any music and sound effects to make your content pop, and you will then have the chance to make any final tweaks. Because we are so thorough before this stage, we rarely have to make any changes but we want you to be delighted with the final result.




We will then export, compress and deliver the final files in all of the formats you require. We love to hear how your new video is received by your audience so welcome all feedback or suggestions for our next project together.